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Vegetable printing

Kids always love the process of printing and so much fun can be had printing with fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is the wastage factor, so I try to use fruit and veg that is almost past it’s use by date, and then if it’s rinsed afterwards, there’s no reason why somebody’s chooks or pet pig can’t eat it.

What you need

  • Some paint (colours of choice).
  • Paper  (heavier cartridge is always preferable with when paint is involved).
  • Fruits and veggies of choice – some excellent results come from:
    • Brocolli cut in half (trees)
    • Oranges and lemons, cut in half
    • Potatoes (cut in half and shapes can be carved into them)
    • Cabbage leaves
    • Ocra, cut in half
    • The end off a whole celery
    • The ends off baby boc choy
    • Capsicum (cut in half)


It’s simply a matter of dipping the fruit/veg into a small amount of paint and stamping! The possibilities are endless!

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