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Spring Flowers using nature’s colours

Have you ever noticed how colourful the dried beans/pulses section of the supermarket is? This art activity utilises some of the wonderful colours nature provides for us!

What you need

  • Various coloured papers
  • Pva glue / /glue stick
  • Assorted dried beans/pulses such as green split peas, red lentils, yellow split peas, red kidney beans etc. Dried pasta shapes are also great to use!


  • The first step is to create a picture collage using the coloured papers. I pre-cut flower/stem shapes for my littlies to put together, but older kids could come up with something of their own.
  • Next, use pva to stick on the dried beans etc. This could be a colour matching activity for the younger kids, or just sticking them on randomly is great too! Dry flat. Have fun!

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