spring collage 7

Spring Collages

Multi-media collages are always fun and the more bits and pieces you prepare for the kids to stick on, the more their imaginations will run away with them!

What you need

  • Paper/cardboard for the background
  • Green tissue paper, ripped into strips
  • Pre-cut Paper flowers/stems/printed out pictures of butterflies/caterpillers, coloured patty pans etc.
  • buttons
  • pva glue


  • Put some pva glue into a shallow bowl and water it down a bit so it will spread easily. Using a thick paint brush, let the kids apply this pva solution to the entire page and then stick on lots of strips of overlapping green tissue paper for the background.
  • Apply more pva solution to the page and let the kids add lots of paper stems, flowers etc. Both ordered and completely abstract compositions look fantastic!
  • As a finishing touch, buttons can be added (using the full strength pva).



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