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Spring Cherry Trees

This is an art activity inspired by all the blossom trees popping their crepe like pink and white flowers at the moment! The kids were fascinated by the use of bottles in this activity and the end results were wonderful.

What you need

  • White or black paper
  • Brown paper bag
  • Pink or white paint
  • Plastic bottle (soda water /soft drink bottle with ‘flower’ type bottom)


  • First cut up the brown paper bag into strips and have the kids arrange on their page into the shape of a tree trunk – glue in place with a glue stick.
  • Next, put some paint on a flat tray (like an ice-cream container) and simply let the kids have fun dipping the bottom of the bottle into the paint, and stamping it all around the tree trunk. The hardest part for the child is knowing at what point to stop stamping!

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