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Plaster Relief Sculptures

I love this process, as does almost every kid I have tried it with! There’s something exciting about ‘unveiling’ the plaster when it has set – the results are always surprising!

What you need:

  • A plastic container (ice cream containers are good).
  • Some play dough (or normal clay if you have it) – enough to fill the bottom of your plastic container, about 3 cm thick.
  • Various shapes/objects to make impressions in the play dough
  • Casting plaster or plaster of paris


  • Spread the play dough out onto the bottom of the plastic container. It will need to be at least 3cm thick.
  • Now, use objects to make impressions into the play dough. This is done by pushing the object down into the dough, then carefully taking it out.
  • Now, mix up your plaster in another plastic container. Follow the instructions to make the required amount.
  • Poor the plaster in on top of the play dough. Aim to have the plaster about 4cm thick.
  • Wait! The plaster will set in about 20 mins but it will be very weak. Better to wait a couple of hours at least before unveiling.
  • When the time comes, simply turn the container over and tip out the contents. Gently take the play dough off. It can be washed under water to remove any bits of stubborn play dough. Place in a warm spot to dry completely. The sculpture can be painted ┬áif desired!

Plaster refief2 plaster relief1


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