Picasso head 4

Picasso Heads

One of favourite lessons to introduce kids to Cubism and the art of Pablo Picasso. What you need:  Examples to show of Pablo Picasso’s cubist style portraits (printed out or on screen) Oil pastels Different coloured cover paper cut up in rectangles (approx. 15x10cm) A3 sized white cartridge paper and a coloured A3 sized piece […]

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Painting with cars

This is an absolute winner of an activity for toddlers, and very easy! I had seen it being done at the kid’s Daycare, and so had to try it myself. What you need: – a variety of different toy cars. The best ones are large, plastic cars for ease of use and clean up. Look […]

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Hidden image 4

Hidden Image

This is a great activity to help kids learn about pen and ink techniques, and the results always seem to be great, whatever the age or ability. What you need: Photocopied black and white pages from various children’s story books – look for books with detailed pen style drawings. Cut the photocopied pages  up into […]

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