Play dough moonster 2

Monsterous Play Dough Creations

This is definitely one of my favourite creative activities for the little ones!

When I tried it out in the Little Picasso class, at first I wasn’t so sure – when kids first get their hands on play dough, the first instinct seems just to be ‘squash’! But, after a few minutes and a little guidance, their imaginations ran wild and the most wonderful monster creations started appearing!

What you need:

  • A portion of play dough, about the size of your fist is good, in a suitable monster colour! (I did blue and green).
  • Assorted bits and pieces such as: various pasta shapes (coloured if desired) pipe cleaners, icey pole sticks or coloured matchsticks and googley eyes (hint- look for small craft packs in Woolworths for about $3).
  • OR if you don’t have these thing at hand, just go outside and find some sticks, leaves and small pebbles!


Simply give your child a portion of play dough and have fun creating a monster by sticking the bits and pieces directly into the dough. Take a photo when done – these only last a couple days before the dough starts to dry out. Play dough lasts well stored in the fridge in an air-tight bag, and all the bits and pieces can be put away and pulled out again on a rainy day for a new monster creation.

Play dough monster 3 Play dough monster 4 Play dough monster 5 Play dough monster 6 Play dough monster1 Play dough moonster 2


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