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Mono Printing – Underwater Fish

The immediacy and effectiveness of the mono printing process is always an absolute winner, especially with toddlers! I chose an underwater theme for this project but it could easily be adapted to suit other projects.

What you need

  • A plastic place mat. A piece of cardboard covered in foil could also be used.
  • Acrylic or finger paint and a wide brush or roller
  • Paper cut outs of fish (or whatever you like!)
  • Paper for printing onto (preferably cartridge paper)
  • Cotton tips (optional)


Put some paint down onto the place mat and spread it out evenly, covering most of the mat.

Next, use the cotton tips or fingertips to make patterns into the paint. We did wavey patterns to accompany our fish!

When enough fun has been had doing this, place some of the paper fish cut outs onto the paint.

Next, take a piece of paper and carefully place it on top of the place mat, taking care not to move it once it’s in place. Gently rub the paper evenly, then remove it to reveal a wonderful print!

Enjoy this process over and over again.



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