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Miro Inspired Artworks

Here are two really engaging activities to do with kids as an introduction to the wonderful art of artist Joan Miro! I started the lesson with a discussion about Miro’s artworks – we looked at many images of his paintings and I had students identify all the characteristics they had in common.  As a group we drew out on a large piece of paper some of Miro’s signature symbols he used in his artworks, and also noted how he often splattered paint in the background of his paintings.

What you need

  • Images of Miro’s artworks for viewing
  • Spray bottles filled with liquid watercolour or watered down paint (I used primary colours only)
  • A3 cartridge paper
  • permanent markers
  • Watercolour paints / brushes
  • Pva glue


The first step was to spray paint onto A3 sized paper. I placed some newspaper on the floor, so the kids could point the sprayers downwards for ultimate effect! Set aside to dry.

Meanwhile, start in another Miro drawing! I simply asked the kids to look closely at Miro’s artworks and do their best to make a ‘Miro’ looking drawing. We started in pencil and went over the lines in permanent marker. Watercolour was lastly added to the main shapes and lines in the drawing.

By now the splatter background should be dry (at last partially). For this artwork, students again drew out some new Miro style symbols, cut them out and glued them onto their splatter background. Extra Miro style shapes were also cut out of coloured paper and added to the collage.

There you have it! Two Miro style artworks the kids will love.

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