Hundertwasser inspired houses

Hundertwasser’s artworks are so amazingly bright and colourful, they never fail to inspire kids and trigger their imaginations. For this lesson I showed the students lots of images of the artist’s work, and we drew up on the board all the imagery that is unique to the artist (bright colour, use of line, repetition, the absence of straight lines, ‘Aladdin style’ roofs on buildings etc.).

What you need:

  • At least A3 sized paper (cartridge is best)
  • Oil pastels / wax crayons
  • Permanent markers
  • Watercolours / paintbrushes


  • With lots of images of Hunterwasser’s artworks around the place, kids did a quick rough copy of their house picture in pencil, just to get some ideas going.
  • Kids then moved onto a larger piece of paper, working in permanent markers, filling the entire page with Hundertwasser like buildings/houses.
  • Next step was to fill the artwork with colour, first using oil pastels to mark out the main lines/shapes in the artwork.
  • Adding watercolour was the last step, and I asked the students to try and not leave any white space left in the artwork – some used their artistic license to defy this, which was wonderful!

hundertwasser1 hundertwasser2 hundertwasser3 hundertwasser4 hundertwasser5 hundertwasser6 hundertwasser7


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