Dino feet

Dinosaur Feet!

This is a great activity for the little ones. Once made, kids can spend ages stomping around the house roaring their lungs out! Have a listen to Justine Clarke’s ‘Dinosoar Roar’ song while you’re at it. http://vimeo.com/9142591

If they don’t get completely wrecked from all the stomping, they make great little containers to store bits and pieces in.

What you need

  1. 2 x empty tissue boxes
  2. Tissue paper (different shades of green) cut up into squares
  3. Ordinary kitchen sponges (green, pay less variety!)
  4. Glue – watered down PVA is best but can be done with normal glue stick
  5. Hot Glue gun


Take your sponge and use scissors to cut out some triangles to make your Dino toenails! Using a hot glue gun, attach them to the front of your tissue box. In a plastic container, put some PVA glue and a splash of water. Mix together, and then using a thick paintbrush, coat the tissue boxes in the glue. Now have fun covering the boxes in the tissue paper squares, overlapping and brushing more glue on where necessary. Allow to dry completely and enjoy!

Warning- cardboard Dino feet can be slippery, especially on polished boards (yes, we found out the hard way)!

Dinosaur feetDino feet


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