Squashed paint bugs1

Colourful Bugs – paint squashing!

This is another one of those absolutely ‘can’t go wrong’ art activities for kids. No matter the age or ability, this is a winner!

What you need:

  • Acrylic paint, a few different colours
  • Paper (preferably A3 sized), cut into bug shapes – I did a butterfly and a lady-bug. To make them easily, fold the paper in half to cut out the shape so that’s it’s symmetrical.
  • Some thick brushes


Get kids to ‘dob’ different coloured paint onto one side of the bug shape – let them be generous!

Then, fold the bug shape in half and have fun with your kid, rubbing the surface of the folded paper, feeling the paint underneath squashing and squelshing!

The best part is opening the paper up and finding a wonderful, symmetrical paint effect on the bug. Dry flat.



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