monoprint 5

Mono Printing – Underwater Fish

The immediacy and effectiveness of the mono printing process is always an absolute winner, especially with toddlers! I chose an underwater theme for this project but it could easily be adapted to suit other projects. What you need A plastic place mat. A piece of cardboard covered in foil could also be used. Acrylic or […]

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abstract 4

Abstract stamp collages

Provided you don’t mind a bit of mess, this is another ‘can’t go wrong’ art activity that young children will love! What you need: Paper for your background (I used black cartridge) A variety of paper shapes in different colours Glue stick Paint (I used washable acrylic, yellow and white) Potato masher Bubble wrap – […]

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Miro 1

Miro Inspired Artworks

Here are two really engaging activities to do with kids as an introduction to the wonderful art of artist Joan Miro! I started the lesson with a discussion about Miro’s artworks – we looked at many images of his paintings and I had students identify all the characteristics they had in common.  As a group […]

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Cardboard shape stamping

Here is a simple stamping activity the kids will have heaps of fun with!  I tried this out one week when we were exploring the theme of ‘houses’ in the Little Picasso class (2-5 year olds). Older children can enjoy the challenge of creating pictures with their shapes, while the younger ones can get throughly […]

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